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How to Select the Most Appropriate Test for your Workforce

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Drug Testing with Confirmation

Big savings on all drug testing


Results in 24-48 hours (negative only). FYI Testing helps corporations and small businesses make important employee-related decisions FAST.

Compliance and Education


Understanding and implementing a drug screening policy reduces risks for businesses. Learn how to reduce risk and remain compliant.

Regulatory / DOT Drug Testing


Drug testing is a mandatory part of any Department of Transportation job. View our selection of drug testing products for DOT drug testing.

Drug Test Kits with Confirmation


For drug tests that have to be verified and official, we offer drug testing kits with lab verification services. We are highly confidential and professional.

Drug Testing Products (Kits Only)


For drug testing purposes that do not need to be carried out in an official way. Browse more simple "do it yourself" drug testing kits here.

Multi-Drug Panel Drug Testing


Options for when a drug test needs to be comprehensive and screen for multiple drug types. Check each drug test panel that we offer.

How Our Drug Testing Works


FYI Testing is extremely confidential and very professional in how we go about delivering your results to you. Learn more about our process here.

Play it Safe


Drugs affect impulse control and motor functions, impairing reflexes, judgment, and decision-making abilities, which can lead to injuries, accidents, and even fatalities. For Your Information Testing - Information for whomever it is that needs to know. FYI Testing is a proud member of the Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association.

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